M was English musician Robin Scott's brief but very successful new wave/synthpop project in the late 1970s and early 1980s. M is most known for the 1979 hit "Pop Muzik", which reached No. 2 in the UK Singles Chart in May 1979, and No. 1 in the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 chart on 3 November 1979. Musicians who contributed to M at one time or another included Wally BadarouMark King, and Phil Gould, of Level 42.


 [hide*1 Career


Scott first used the pseudonym M in 1978, when he released the single "Moderne Man".[1] His next single, "Pop Muzik," featured Scott's brother Robin on bass, his wife Brigit Novik on backing vocals, and Wally Badarou on keyboards.[1] The album New York - London - Paris - Munich came out in 1979.[1]

M had three other singles that achieved a chart entry in the UK, "Moonlight and Muzak" (No. 33 in December 1979), "That's the Way the Money Goes" (No. 45 in March 1980) and "Official Secrets" (No. 64 in November 1980).[2] M released three studio albums throughout their career: New York • London • Paris • Munich in 1979, The Official Secrets Act in 1980, and Famous Last Words in 1981 which was never released in the UK. A fourth album, Robin Scott with Shikisha, was recorded in 1984 but was not released until 1998.

M's first single "Moderne Man" was later remixed with "Satisfy Your Lust", the B-side of "That's the Way the Money Goes", and appeared as a medley on their album New York • London • Paris • Munich. The original single releases appeared on the 1997 CD re-release. A remixed version of "Pop Muzik" was played before each concert of U2's PopMart Tour.



Studio albums[edit]Edit

Year Album UK Albums Chart[2] U.S. Billboard 200 Chart[3]
1979 New York • London • Paris • Munich - #79
1980 The Official Secrets Act - -
1981 Famous Last Words - -
1984 Jive Shikisha! † - -

† Recorded in 1984 – not released until 1998 and credited to Robin Scott & Shikisha.[4]

Compilation albums[edit]Edit

  • Pop Muzik – The Very Best of M (1996, Music Collection International)
  • Pop Muzik (1997, Collectables Records) Reissue of the US version of New York • London • Paris • Munich.
  • 'M' The History – Pop Muzik The 25th Anniversary (2004, Union Square Music)
  • Pop Muzik – 30th Anniversary Remixes (2009, Echo Beach) Remix album featuring 13 remixes of "Pop Muzik".


Year Title UK Singles Chart[2] U.S. Billboard Hot 100 Chart[5]
1978 "Moderne Man" - -
1979 "Pop Muzik" #2 #1
1979 "Moonlight and Muzak" #33 -
1980 "That's the Way the Money Goes" #45 -
1980 "Official Secrets" #64 -
1981 "Keep It to Yourself" - -
1982 "Danube" - -
1983 "Eureka" ‡ - -
1984 "Crazy Zulu" ‡ - -
1989 "Pop Muzik" (remix) #15 -

‡ – billed as Robin Scott

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