M People was a British dance group from Manchester which was led by dj and producer Mike Pickering (1958). The Group also included singer Heather Small (1965), keyboardist Paul Heard (1960) and keyboardist Andrew Lovell. The Group was in 1990 and was active until 1998. Although the group never disbanded M People, is limited since then especially to appearances. The Group made a lot of hits at home and abroad is best known for the song " Moving on up (1993).


[hide]*1 Mike Pickering

Mike Pickering[Edit]Edit

Mike Pickering began his musical career as a man behind the scenes. He began as a roadie for the Dire Straits. Later he became A & R-manager at the label Factory Records. In addition, he was part of a Dutch-English dance group Quando Quango, which in 1985 released the album Pigs + Battleships . He was also fixed in the 1980s one of the DJs in the club The Haçienda in Manchester. In 1987 he made a switch to the newly formed label DeConstruction. There he was involved in Cariño (1987) by T-Coy, one of the first British househits ever.

M People[Edit]Edit

Pickering played In 1990 with the idea to set up a private house group with varying vocalists and which are called M People had to go. It soon became apparent that singer Heather Small would be a good face of the group. Small was known to DeConstruction as a singer of the soul group Hot!House, who had released his records on the label. As additional musicians Paul Heard and performed Andrew Lovell to. The foursome took the album Northern soul (1991) on the album fared in terms of sales. pretty nice and the four singles were all hits in their own country.

Success Years[Edit]Edit

The breakthrough for M People followed in early 1993 by a new remix of the song How can I love you more? by dj Sasha. Not long after the album Elegant slumming, that was a great sales success. The album reached the second spot of the British album chart and stayed there for months in it. Moving on up the single was a big hit. The song was used during the campaign in 1997 by Tony Blair. The same success successor Bizarre fruit (1994), which earned three times Platinum. An extended version of this was released under the name Bizarre Fruit II. M People also made a song for the album Kylie Minogue Kylie Minogue's.In 1997, the album was M People Fresco , on which more in the direction of trip hop and drum 'n' bass. This was released under the Orchestra's own label M People records. Also this album was well again for some hits. Heather Small was also involved in a charity single in 1997. The song Perfect day by Lou Reed was recorded by multiple artists for the benefit for children in need.


In 1998 appeared a hitcompilatie with some new songs. In doing so, the band announced a break to. Which meant ultimately the end of the band. Although M People still met several times for tours in 2005, 2007, 2012 and 2013. Heather Small Proud brought the albums (2000) and Close to a Miracle (2006) out. In addition, she was a guest on the album Reload (1999) by Tom Jones. The number You Need Love Like I Doappeared in 2000 on single.

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