Artist: Savath & Savalas

Date Released: September 21, 2004

Label: WARP

Produced By: Guillermo Scott Herren


  1. Interludio Inconcreto
  2. Sota l'Aigüa
  3. Demà Vinura
  4. Ya Estoy de Vuelta
  5. No Puedo de Cidir
  6. Sense Pressa
  7. Interludio Húmedo
  8. Equipatge de Flors Seques


After the musical direction change and the well received full length, Apropa’t, Guillermo Scott Herren's Savath & Savalas are back with a new EP. The collaboration between trip-hop extraordinaire Herren (Prefuse 73, Piano Overlord, Delarosa & Asora), and Eva Puyelo Muns takes traditional Spanish music and manipulates it through a number of samplers and other like-minded devices to create a completely new and engrossing sound. The project was originally conceived as a downtempo alias, but evenutally included a lot of Spanish influences when Herren went to Spain to find his roots; while there he met and fell in love with Muns. With a combination of completely different styles, they released Apropa’t to open arms in Spain, and later to a welcoming US audience. The Mañana EP resembles Herren’s Prefuse 73 work and the original sound of this moniker, meaning a lot more breaks and beats than the full length had. Muns soft and enticing voice is still present, but the music is what really shines here. In fact, Muns really is portrayed more as an instrument rather than vocals meant to be front and center; which is especially true if you do not understand Spanish. In normal Herren fashion, the vocals are diced and chopped into interweaving samples anyways. The final result is a gorgeous and exotic piece of music that keeps the aesthetic established by Apropa’t, and hopefully, this is not the last installation in the Savath & Savalas discography. Mpardaiolo

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