Founded: 2004

Headquarters: San Francisco, CA

Website Link(s): Official Site




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Machine Love is an electronica soul-infused, space rock duo based in San Francisco. Machine Love music contains no lyrics, but applies vocalizations and live electric guitar against an ambient groove backdrop of funky rhythms and spacey melodies.

Machine Love was first made in 2004 at the hands of musician, writer and producer Vincent James. Machine Love began as a studio-based experimental Electronica project seeking to incorporate live organic instrumentation and vocals into computer-based music, however, in 2005 guitarist Jim Hedges joined the project and the band officially became a live musical act. Based in the San Francisco Bay Area and producing about two albums per year, Machine Love tracks are available for FREE from the bands main Web site.

Machine Love's influences include psychedelic, lounge, jazz, funk, and rock artists from the 1970s thru today. Artists such as Porcupine Tree, Visit Venus, Coldcut, 70s Bikini Beat & Italian Cinema, Philly Soul, Blackfield, Air, Lesiman, Piero Umiliani, Doves, Jane's Addiction, Thievery Corporation, Future Sound Of London, Nick Drake, Augustus Pablo, Snow Patrol, The Feeling, The Chameleons, The Charlatans and Pink Floyd.





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