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Mackenzie Sol (born Mackenzie Sol Williamson, September 4, 2000) is a British singer-songwriter. During late 2016, he has claimed on Instagram to have "sang from being able to talk", said that he would "date any girl [he] truly liked", that his favorite color is red, that he likes Fifth Harmony, that he has a fear of spiders and the dark, that Taken is his favorite movie, that he tries to "write about [his] own feelings" when he writes music, that he has a Maltese called Alfie and loves British Bulldogs, that the two things he would travel around the world with would be his and that he is homeschooled.


Williamson came into the world on September 4, 2000. His father George Williamson is from Middlesborough, and his mother Nicola Brown (born April 22, 1978) was a former singer. Both parents used to be in bands and the latter used to be a singer. Williamson went on the X-Factor to sing in front of Simon Cowell and other judges when he was four years old. In late 2013, Williamson took part in a theatre production called the Sound Of Music which took place in Durham. He revealed in late 2016 that he is a bit over 5'9" tall.