Founded: 1992

Headquarters: Los Angeles, CA via Oxnard, CA

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Madlib is easily the hardest working and most productive figure in hip-hop today. Every year since 1992, when Lootpack, along with childhood friends Wildchild and DJ Romes, first appeared, the producer/MC/DJ/musician has increased his workload taking on any number of projects simaltaneously. Madlib's style is characterized by his unparalleled mastering of the sampler and his extensive vinyl collection. Combine that with his superior knowledge of jazz, funk, soul, reggae and hip-hop and his ear for creating immensly creative music, and you have one of the most interesting men in music today. His projects include the hip-hop trio Lootpack, his brick-chucking, hard-talking alter ego Quasimoto, a live jazz band Yesterdays New Quintet (where he plays most of the instruments himself), a breakbeat persona DJ Rels, a live funk band Sound Directions and highly popular collaborations with J Dilla, Jaylib, and MF Doom, Madvillain. He also released an amazing Blue Note remix album called Shades of Blue gaining praise from hip-hop heads and jazz lovers alike, along with an extensive reggae mix called Blunted in the Bomb Shelter. It's always good to keep taps on Madlib because more than likely he is releasing something in the coming weeks, it's just the aliases that differ.



(as Producer and/or MC)


(as Producer and/or MC)


(as Producer and/or MC)

(as MC, not producer)


(as Producer and/or MC)

(as MC, not producer)



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