Mal Madrigal is a band from Omaha, Nebraska and consists of a rotating list of local musicians from Azure Ray, The Good Life, McCarthy Trenching, and others. They have two full-length releases on Bocca Lupo Records and are working on a third (expected Fall 2009). Stephen Bartolomei writes the songs. While not on the Saddle Creek label, the store carries their records.

Both previous releases have been on vinyl, with a copy of the album on CD.[1]

Band membersEdit


Life Among the Animals(2007)Edit

  1. Close to Me
  2. The Sleepless Blues
  3. A Stone's Throw
  4. Cold Teeth
  5. Sleep Well
  6. Far and Wide
  7. Mind the Black Hole
  8. Demons
  9. the World
  10. A Stone's Throw (reprise)

The Road Is Glue(2007)Edit

  1. Anna and the Sea
  2. Brighton Street
  3. Shore Leave
  4. Smoldering
  5. Late Shift
  6. One More Table
  7. The Road Is Glue
  8. Old Man Winter
  9. Rising Steam
  10. City Lights
  11. Cold Night

From the Fingers of Trees (2009)Edit

  1. Arrived
  2. Rain Song
  3. Kill Floor Rebellion
  4. River Song
  5. Piano Song
  6. Narcocorridos
  7. Unlikely Saints
  8. Anchor and Lure
  9. Oil and Water
  10. Hush

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  1. "Those who threw away their turntables will find a digital copy of the album packaged inside the records." - Saddle Creek store

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