Artist: Robyn Hitchcock

Album: This One's For The Fellows

Appears On (Mixes):

Song Notes: As-I-Listen Review: Acoustic so far. Heh, I know it's weird to say this, but Robyn Hitchcock's voice sorta reminds me of Joe Jack Talcum from the Dead Milkmen. (That's a compliment.) I like that it's a pretty drastic re-arrangement. These are typically my favorites (and also potentially my least favorites...) on tribute albums. At any rate, they stick out way more than the faithful ones. Heheh, the segue rules. This is really slick. I should probably check out more of Hitchcock's stuff, really. And in case you were wondering, he didn't change the lyrics on Good Times to make it any less being-on-tour-with-the-Presidents-and-Superdeluxe-centric. I like that. Ooh, spoken bit! SCOTT! KURT! JIM! AND TAD! bhahhaah, the ending RULES. I will not spoil it. - Rev. Syung Myung Me  

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