Creator of the Mix: Rev. Syung Myung Me

Initial Notes About The Mix: This is one of a handful of mixes that I made that was just getting mp3s off my computer and onto CDs that I didn't actually have hard sources for and were also rare cuts. Um, I made these in high school, and I don't think they were ever really intended to be listened to as CDs. They're kinda terrible.


  1. The Dead Alewives - Talk Show
  2. The Dead Alewives - Stay Put
  3. The Dead Alewives - Mama Rap
  4. The Dead Alewives - Iron Man
  5. The Dead Alewives - Dungeons & Dragons
  6. The Dead Alewives - Answering Machine
  7. The Dead Alewives - Marshall Brodean
  8. The Dead Alewives - Ray Bradbury
  9. The Dead Alewives - Hearing Problem
  10. The Dead Alewives - The Date
  11. The Dead Alewives - Total Recallin'
  12. The Dead Alewives - Headache
  13. DJ Cracker - Where's My Bacon
  14. They Might Be Giants - Somebody's Body
  15. They Might Be Giants - We Just Go Nuts At Christmas Time
  16. They Might Be Giants - On The Drag (Factory Showroom Outtake Version)
  17. They Might Be Giants - King Of Wingo
  18. They Might Be Giants - Put Your Hand Inside The Puppet Head (Live)
  19. They Might Be Giants - (She Was A) Hotel Detective (Live 10/29/94)
  20. They Might Be Giants - Ondine (Live 4/28/93)
  21. They Might Be Giants - Twisting (Live 4/28/93)
  22. They Might Be Giants - The World's Address (Live 12/31/1987)
  23. The Residents - Beyond The Valley Of A Day In The Life
  24. The Residents - Flying
  25. The Residents - Moisture (Live 10/31/98)
  26. The Residents - Picnic Boy (Live 10/31/98)
  27. The Residents - Smelly Tongues (Live 10/31/98)
  28. The Residents - Walter Westinghose (Live 10/31/98)
  29. Uz Jsme Doma - Wanda The Worm Woman (Live)

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