Artist: The Dresden Dolls

Album: Yes, Virginia

Appears On (Mixes): Revme.Vox.Com

Song Notes: So, last night was the Dresden Dolls show. It was pretty goddamn awesome, really. I suppose, ideally, it would have been the first show and Ladytron would have been last night, but it worked out still, since the two acts are very, very different. While Ladytron are incredibly tight and organized, the Dolls are really loose and laid back. They took a couple of requests, fucked around, laughed a lot and while both bands seemed to be having a good time, the Dolls seemed less Serious about it. If there's a contest, Ladytron still wins, but let's just stop all the fussin' and a feudin'.

They did this song at the show last night, and part of the fun was that there were dancers for some of the songs, including this one, where the two main women from their Dance Troupe (the Ladybirds, I think Amanda said they were), came out in big fake pregnant bellies (what with the song being about back-alley abortions and all), and danced a bit and during the middle part, they swung at each other's bellies with hammers, then opened their blouses slightly to reach in and throw out baby doll parts and candy into the audience. It was pretty awesome. If they'd just thrown out candy, it would have been sort of going the easy way out, but had they just thrown out the doll parts, it would have been going for the easy shock, too. So the combination was excellent. Although I did like Ben's suggestion—mainly throwing out a combination of doll parts, candy AND raw meat. Just because I like the moment where joy turns to horror. - Rev. Syung Myung Me


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