Marc Moulin (1 September 1942 – 26 September 2008) was a Belgian musician and journalist (print, radio, TV). In the early seventies he was the leader of the jazz-rock group Placebo. He went on to be a member of the avant-rock bandAksak Maboul in 1977 and formed the pop group Telex in 1978. Moulin was one of Belgium's jazz legends, making jazz-influenced records for over 30 years.

Biography[edit|edit source]Edit

Marc Moulin was a music producer, working with Lio, four albums for French crooner Alain ChamfortSparks (band) (the album "In Outer Space" from 1983), jazz guitarist Philip Catherine and left-field artists such as Anna Domino andKid Montana.

During the 80's, Moulin worked as a radio producer, appeared regularly on radio shows, and wrote for various Belgian publications.

He died of throat cancer on Friday 26 September 2008.

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