Marcel Thielemans (SchaerbeekBelgium13 may 1912 - Hilversum15 may 2003) was a Flemish singer and trombonist.

In 1933 he came as trombonist in service with The Ramblers led by Theo Uden Masman. Soon he took over a portion of the vocals work for his account and has dozens of songs made popular, with the Frenchchanson as specialty. He stayed with the Orchestra until it was disbanded in 1964. In 1957 and 1960, he took part in the Netherlands in the Eurovision Song Contest.

At the reestablishment of the band by Jack Bulterman in 1974 he was also of the party. After the death of Bangwal he took the role of Orchestra in 1978 Chief over. He retired from the band in 1998.

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