Daemar Montrez Williams (born June 9),[1] better known by his stage name M.A.R.K Universe, is an American hip hop recording artist, singer-songwriter and record producer from Mobile, Alabama. Mark Universe is widely regarded as an important contributor to the Alabama hip-hop scene. His desire to rap began as early as the age six and continued to grow. By age 14, he began rapping and recording music with local rap groups and continued to develop his abilities.

In pursuit to take his career to another level, he moved to Atlanta, Ga. where he began to work on his first professional project, boldly titled "Ima Superstar". The project was a five track EP which featured a humorous, but clever track, "Box of Chicken". The song went beyond expectations for a self released project, and was heard on FM radio in Alabama.

In addition to earning repeated radio play, his universal appeal and variety has allowed him to appear in the same festivals with gospel artist James Fortune and Eminem label mate Yelawolf. Mr. Universe has been featured in Huntsville Times, and his collaborations range from teaming with the Grammy nominated, Tamar Davis, ColliPark Music's producer Corey "Mr. Hanky" Dennard, Zaytoven and longtime friend Rico Knight, in which the two earned FM airtime play with multiple songs including the anthem to the great "Michael Jordan"
Mark Universe is currently working on the New Album Mark My Words aims to make his home with a major record company. [1] [2] [3]==References==

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