Artist: Gary Wilson

Date Released: September 21, 2004

Label: Stones Throw

Produced By: Peanut Butter Wolf


  1. A Very Small Town
  2. Linda Wants to be Alone
  3. Shauna Made Me Cry
  4. Debbie Debbie
  5. Mary Had Brown Hair
  6. Gary's in the Park
  7. Newark Valley
  8. Sodus Point
  9. Gary Saw Linda Last Night
  10. She Makes Me Think of Endicott
  11. Electric Depression
  12. Our Last Date
  13. Hold Back the Daylight
  14. Mary, Make a Wish
  15. 6.4=Make Out
  16. Chromium Bitch


What!? You have never heard of Gary Wilson??? Well, don’t be too disappointed, I had never either until I picked up this record. Apparently though, he is the godfather of home-basement recording and really, the college underground scene. His first and only album up to now, You Think You Really Know Me, was recorded in his parents basement in 1977 (back when recording was only done in high priced studios). It was discovered by KAOS, a college radio station in Olympia, Washington, which sparked an interest in non-commercial, independent music, and in turn eventually gave birth to K Records and Sub Pop. He has since been made into an indie legend and name checked as an influence by everyone from Beck (he is actually mentioned in Where It's At) to ?uestlove. I included this history, because without it, I doubt you would understand this album, especially since Wilson creates electro-jazz lounge music that is as quirky as is horny. Throughout the album, Wilson refers to himself in the third person, and analyzes his relationships with other women. The music is an eccentric blend of keyboards, electric guitar, various bells and whistles and hip-hoppish drum beats (which are probably thanks to producer and Stones Throw honcho Peanut Butter Wolf). His vocals vary from his normal, quivering voice to a higher frequency version that reminds me of Quasimoto. This is definitely an individual album from one of the industry’s most influential, yet unknown, artists. Mpardaiolo