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Masen Cheeks was a guitarist known for The AK Band and Masen and the Old Folks, writing the songs and managing. Masen then reunited both bands and now also plays by himself, planning a solo project in 2015, as demos are in the works.

Masen was interested in a band project since late 2012, forming a band that would never take off called The Rockin' Pickers. Less than a year later, a real band did take off in July 2013 called Road Rage and The Tailgaters, which strayed from the Rockin' Pickers style, staying more country than rock. On November 28th, 2013 Road Rage played a show, kickstarting the Time Machine Tour. The show failed, hurting the band greatly, and even killing the Time Machine tour down to 3 shows. The next show was on Christmas 2013, which also failed. The Time Machine tour ended on April 20th, 2014, which had a successful show. The first tour's failure hurt the chances of another tour, and the band died, and faded away. A comeback show was planned in late 2014, but never saw the light of day. In 2015, they changed their name to Masen and the Old Folks and toured again successfully. In May, 2013, a three piece band was formed called the AK Band, which recently had a reunion.

Masen has expressed intrest in a comeback tour to end it all with all the original members back together from Road Rage, but nothing's official, and by looking at Masen's last "comebacks" it looks like Road Rage is most likely dead, as The AK Band lacks one member.

Masen has moved on to an solo project as well as The Old Folks. Demos have been made for a future album for iTunes, and songs are in the making, along with a tour. According to Masen, All he needs is a band to do it right. Its not clear if this project will be country, rock, or something else.

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