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Cheeks in 2013

Masen S Cheeks Senior is a musician, politician, and YouTuber from Dayton Tennessee. Musically, he is best known for leading Masen and the Old Folks with Audrey Burton and Glen Long , and his solo project with Gavin Curtin and his cameos with Dallas Hollow.

The Rockin' PickersEdit

In December 2012, Masen Cheeks was inspired to create music, and did so through a new band. Cheeks named his first band The Rockin' Pickers. The lineup was Cheeks on vocals on guitar, Kade Vincent on guitar, Dylan Westondorf on bass, and Jared Leffew on drums. The band's songs were later picked up by Masen's later projects. For example, Hypnotized, Time Machine, BDRD, and many other songs were originally written as Rockin' Pickers songs. The band broke up in December 2013, due to Masen Cheeks' new Masen and the Old Folks project proving to be successful. Talks of a reunion have been about for years, but nothing has been confirmed. However, Masen Cheeks' Instagram bio reads "Ready to Shine 2017-2018?" which could be a hint, as "The Pickers are Ready to Shine" was a common slogan displayed at Pickers shows an other media forms.

AK BandEdit

In early 2013, Masen Cheeks created the AK Band, which stood for "All Kids." He formed this band with two of his friends, Dallas Messimer, and his current song-writing partner, Gavin Curtin, as a side project to The Rockin' Pickers. The trio recorded many renditions of Iron Man by Black Sabbath before disbanding. The band was planned to have a reunion in 2014 with Brandon Miles replacing Curtin, but it never fell through. In early 2015, however, Cheeks and Messimer rerecorded Iron Man together.

Masen and the Old FolksEdit

In July of 2013, Masen Cheeks was working with Audrey Burton of East Tennessee Country Music Playhouse Fame to create a new band. They agreed to invite the former lead guitarist of The Fables, Glen Long, to play as well. Audrey's husband, Larry Burton, was set to manage all percussion, and was commonly called "The Coffee Can Man," due to the fact that he used a coffee can to create rhythm and beats. The band recorded many songs from July to November 2013, including BDRD, Time Machine, and Move it on Over. The band's debut concert, performed on Thanksgiving of 2013, is widely considered to be a flop. However, their next show in April 2014 sold out the venue, and the Old Folks name was becoming recognized. After playing a few more shows, Cheeks announced that Old Folks would become a studio band, and would record without Glen Long. Under this lineup, they recorded Country Boy, Coffee Can Man, Yesterday, Imagine, and other songs. In May 2015, the original lineup returned for one last concert. The band was planned to hold a reunion in June of 2017, but the unfortunate death of Audrey Burton in early 2017 led to Masen Cheeks to announce on Twitter that Masen and the Old Folks would no longer be a band.

Solo ProjectEdit

In early 2015, Masen Cheeks began writing music with his old bandmate, Gavin Curtin. Their first song, Hypnotized, was published that March, and was performed in September 2015 with Dallas Hollow as guest. Masen also worked with Old Folks keyboardist Audrey Burton until her death on new music. Masen has played several shows as himself since 2014. Masen has since released several new songs such as Meme Warriors, the comedic and episodic ragtime, the Jerry Song, the Dinosaur Rap, and the Dollar General Rap. He also produced “The Rise of the Shady King” for former band-mate Gavin Curtin, and allegedly produced other unreleased songs for him.

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