Masen and the Old Folks was a southern rock and country band from Dayton, TN, which consisted of Masen Cheeks, Audrey Burton, Larry Burton, and Glen Long.


Masen and the Old Folks started in 2013 as a bluesy country band featuring Masen Cheeks of The AK Band, Glen Long of The Fables, Audrey Burton of the East Tennessee Playhouse, and Larry Burton. They began writing songs after they released their cover of Move it on Over, and went on to release many more songs like Time Machine, BDRD, Country Boy, and Coffee Can Man.


Masen Cheeks says the band was influenced by many classic country acts such as Hank Williams, and later southern rock acts like Lynyrd Skynyrd. The band's lead guitarist, Glen Long, added many jazz and blues influences to the band, and it created a sound like no other. After Glen left the band, the band became more experimental, and their main influence became The Beatles. Their later songs were influenced by them heavily. Masen Cheeks said if the band would've continued past the 2015 Farewell Concert, their music would've expanded into many different genres and would've became very experimental, similar to what The Beatles did themselves.

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