Artist: Mass Shivers

Date Released: April 19, 2005

Label: Sick Room

Produced By:


  1. This is Language
  2. Crank the Plank
  3. Swelling
  4. Sick Alright
  5. A Conscious Lapse
  6. What is Realistic


How to explain this type of quirky, up-beat rock? I’ll let them explain… “ ‘Staying silent leaves little space for indulgence,’ or violence, as three men taking a dive must consider before hitting the surface. Accordingly, re-advancing the beginning (while simultaneously considering the abnormalities born of growth spurts) becomes paramount. Conducive to this ownership of youth, swelling is then chosen to shun the ultimate oppressors while decreasing all inhibitions associated with vast question.” Yeah, I don’t quite understand what that means or how it explains what the music sounds like, but I thought it was significant enough to use as a cop out for having to write a whole review myself. The music is decent, nothing too special, but a well balanced blend of art-rock, dance-punk and straight-out quirk. Give it a listen, may not change your musical world, but would fit nicely between Les Savy Fav and Rapider Than Horsepower. Mpardaiolo

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