Matchbox was an English rock band that was founded in 1971 and originally occupation consisted of the "Houndog" Terry Fred PokeJimmy Redhead and Wiffle Smith. After 1978 the occupation changed regularly.The final single "I Want Out" appeared in 1983 and was submitted by an album.

In 1989, by Graham Fenton together with Poke, Bob Burgos, Howard Gadd and Greg Gadd the "Graham Fenton's Matchbox" compiled. Six albums were released in the early 1990s.

Some original members of Matchbox held a reunion in 1995 and played live all over Europe, but there appeared only one new album.

The best known and highest ranked in Top 40 songs in the Netherlands were in 1980 "Midnite Dynamos" that reached a 3rd place and "Buzz Buzz a Diddle It" that reached a 6th place. Striking at this song was the raw cry of the singer at the beginning of the number.

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