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Formed in 1997 by Jason Hammel and Kori Gardner, Mates of State have become one of today's most creative and popular indie pop acts. Writing songs that feature organ and drums underneath dueling vocals and complex harmonies, Mates of State have carved out a niche that is all their own, and continue to expand and develop their sound with each record. Moving from Lawrence, Kansas to San Fransisco, California, the duo found themselves in a rich musical community. Quickly becoming a staple of the San Fransisco scene, they played many shows at local clubs like The Bottom of The Hill, and by 2000 found themselves touring up the west coast.

Mates of State released their first full length record, My Solo Project, on Omnibus Records in 2000, and by the following year were touring cities across the United States. With subsequent Polyvinyl Records releases Our Constant Concern, Team Boo, and 2004's four song E.P. All Day, Mates of State have further pushed their musical vision and have seen their fanbase steadily grow. Their fourth full length album is due out in the spring of 2006.

Other notable facts:

  1. Jason and Kori were married in 2001 and became the proud parents of daughter Magnolia (2004) and June (2008).
  1. A full length documentary of the pair was filmed by filmmaker Thadd Day whilst on the road and in the studio for the recording of Team Boo. The resulting film, Two Of Us, is an interesting look at the band in motion, and also features live performance footage.
  1. Their friend and sometimes merch guy, Torkel, famously enjoys eating hot dog buns.
  1. The song Why You Little was featured on the 2004 compilation disc, Ten Years of Noise Pop.
  1. Their song, Lower, was released on a 7" record by Devil In The Woods magazine. The record also featured songs by Sparklehorse and The Shins.





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