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Artist: Richard Peterson & The Young Fresh Fellows

Date Released: 1991

Label: PopLlama

Produced By: Conrad Uno


  1. Mathisization (Richard Peterson w/ The Young Fresh Fellows)
  2. New YFF Theme (The Young Fresh Fellows w/ Richard Peterson)

Review: This is a split of sorts -- the A-side is a song by Richard Peterson (a Seattle institution of sorts -- a documentary, Big City Dick, was made about him and he's played many shows here as well as done a lot of busking and whatnot) backed by The Young Fresh Fellows and the B-side reverses the lineup. I've had this 7" for a while, but I have to admit that I haven't heard the A-side yet (sorry!). The b-side is OK, though -- not great, though it does have the line "Radio plays no more Fellows since Chuck left the band". It's a little bit of a wistful-but-encouraged song, and Richard Peterson's trumpet and piano on the track is a neat hook. It's not the best Young Fresh Fellows single, but it's OK! - Rev. Syung Myung Me

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