Maurice Salmin is an American edge rock musician, multi-instrumentalist, and singer-songwriter who is the drummer, pianist, and back vocalist for Eyeshine. Largely self-taught, he is the heart of Eyeshine, bringing a spirit of youth, excitement and counter melodies with harmonies and piano scales.

Early life

A native to California, Maurice was raised by a single mother. To make ends meet, his mother had to travel and work in the Philippines, forcing him to live back and forth with his aunt. With no more than a few possessions, he grew up banging on cereal boxes to pass the time until learning the snare drum in middle school. Maurice was drawn to the rhythm and drumbeats in music. He finally found something he was good at, something he could call his own.


He continued sharpening his drumming skills through high school and college in a local church band, where he first met Johnny. He then joined Johnny in the pursuit of a dream and vowed to one day to be able to support his mother and repay his family for everything they've done for him. Maurice draws influence from Alternative, Indie, Modern and Techno genres to create drumbeats with electrifying intensity.

Fun facts

  • Lives off Haribo Gummy Bears and Salsa Verde Doritos
  • Drinks Vitamin Water everyday
  • Speaks 2 languages (English, Japanese)

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