Marcus (Max) Tak ( August 9, AmsterdamNew York1891 - August 8, 1967) was a Dutch musiciancomposer and journalist.


[hide]*1 early life

Life Course[Edit]Edit

Max Tak was born in the halvemaansteeg in Amsterdam from a family of Jewish diamond workers. At a young age he got violin teaching of William small, Sylvain Noah and Johan c. Halake, first violinist in the Concertgebouw Orchestra. In 1906 , he was as an apprentice to Willem mengelberg the second violins adopted. At the Amsterdam Conservatory , he studied violin with Alexander Schmuller. In addition he tookcomposition lessons with Cornelis Dopper.

In addition to his work as Orchestra musician developed his activities in theatre and cinema. In 1916 he finally made the switch from the Concertgebouw Orchestra to the Cinema Palace where he was leader of a cinema Orchestra. Here he wrote arrangements and compositions to accompany the silent films. In 1921 he transferred to the founded by Abraham Tuschinski Tuschinski Theater. Here he would remain up to the war.

At the German occupation came the Tuschinski Theatre in German hands. It was given the name Tivoli. Branch was fired in October 1940. Tak fled via Curaçao (1941) eventually to New York, where he arrived in 1943.

Also after the war remained Branch in New York where he was correspondent for Elsevier's weekly magazine and AVRO's Radio journal. Also, he performed as a mediator. So he knew the first American tour of the Concertgebouw Orchestra to organize. Also he contributed to the American success of Willy Alberti Marina 's song.


Tak wanted to be buried in Netherlands. He was interred in the Concert Hall. The funeral procession then pulled down his birth the Crescent Street lane and the Tuschinski theatre. Max Branch was buried at the Jewish cemetery in Muiderberg.

Orchestra MaxTak[Edit]Edit

In the eighties of the 20th century, the orchestra founded MaxTak, a ten-headed ensemble that is to branch named because the old silent movies is illustrated. MaxTak Orchestra is currently working with animation and modern film. Also it has developed into a renowned youth music theatre company.

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