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Maybe Better You Should Hold Me Close Than Understand: The Best Of Thomas Dolby

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Creator of the Mix: Rev. Syung Myung Me

Initial Notes About The Mix: This is another mix I made for my SO; she's really into Britpop, and it seems to me that Thomas Dolby and XTC would be right up her alley. I lost the XTC mix I made for her, but I still have the Thomas Dolby one, so here it is. I don't know if she's really listened to much of him; I'm a big fan, but I don't know if this disc really gets into rotation in her car stereo. I know she's sort of slowly getting into XTC, though.


  1. I Love You Goodbye - Astronauts & Heretics
  2. Flying North 3:50 - The Golden Age Of Wireless 3:50
  3. Leipzig - Leipzig b/w Urges single
  4. My Brain Is Like A Sieve - Aliens Ate My Buick
  5. Hyperactive! - The Flat Earth
  6. Europa And The Pirate Twins * 1981 3:17 - The Golden Age Of Wireless 3:17
  7. Eastern Bloc - Astronauts & Heretics
  8. Airwaves (7" version) 3:35 - The Golden Age Of Wireless 3:35
  9. I Scare Myself - The Flat Earth
  10. One Of Our Submarines 5:11 - The Golden Age Of Wireless 5:11
  11. The Flat Earth - The Flat Earth
  12. The Ability to Swing - Aliens Ate My Buick
  13. Screen Kiss - The Flat Earth
  14. Radio Silence (Synth Version) 3:45 - The Golden Age Of Wireless
  15. Budapest By Blimp - Aliens Ate My Buick

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