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Mayonnaise and Malaise is the second single by rock duo Local H from there 1995 debute Ham Fisted. The song was about Scotts days while working at a sandwich shop. The song came on CD only and a video was never shot.

Packaging Edit

The packageing for the single was unusual, it came in a regular CD Case, yet it did not have a front insert. However, sometimes it was package with a orange flier for Tower Records that was promoting the release of Ham Fisted.

Track ListingEdit

The single came with a Peter Frampton cover "Do You Feel Like We Do" and a radio edit of the song. The Radio edit would eventually appear on the icon complication "Local H: The Island Years".

Compact Disc

  1. Mayonnaise And Malaise
  2. Do You Feel Like We Do
  3. Mayonnaise And Malaise (Radio Edit)

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