Founded: 1998

Headquarters: Wales, UK

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The shortlived Welsh trio, Mclusky, was somewhat of an aural enigma. Their sound consisted of one part raw and rugged power-punk screaming from Jonathan Chapple's crunching bass, Matthew Harding/Jack Eggleston's mile-a-minute drum patterns and Andrew Falkous buzz saw guitar and shattering scream/sing vocals; and one part catchy-as-hell Brit-pop infused indie rock up to its neck in addictive hooks and multiple-part harmonies. The genius of Mclusky was their ability to inject the pop sensibilities within the heart of the snarly power-punk to create a completely new sound comparable to being jump started by a defibrillator. After releasing their debut album in 2000 through U.K.'s Fuzzbox, the band teamed up with Too Pure and Chicago's Steve Albini whose production style was a worthy counterpoint to Mclusky's maturing sound. The result was the underground success Mclusky Do Dallas, which garnished a lot of critical acclaim and attention from the press, but did not result in a gigantic fanbase. During the summer of 2003, skinsman Matthew Harding was sacked for Jack Eggleston, before recording 2004's underappreciated The Difference Between Me and You is that I'm Not on Fire. Mclusky disbanded in 2005 due to personal issues (they were notorious for being hardheaded and "assholes"), and released a 3-disc collection of their music in 2006 called Mcluskyism.





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