Artist: Mclusky

Date Released: March 21, 2006

Label: Too Pure

Produced By:


  1. Joy
  2. Rice is Nice
  3. Whoyouknow
  4. Lightsabre Cocksucking Blues
  5. To Hell with Good Intentions
  6. Alan is a Cowboy Killer
  7. There Ain't No Fool in Ferguson
  8. 1956 and All That
  9. Undress for Success
  10. That Man Will Not Hang
  11. She Will Only Bring You Happiness
  12. Without MSG I Am Nothing


It’s no secret that everyone's favorite overlooked, temperamental Welsh trio, Mclusky, has called it quits recently, leaving only three albums worth of their signature poppy garage rock-infused power-punk. Their last two albums, Mclusky Do Dallas and The Difference Between Me and You is that I’m Not on Fire, both of which were produced by Steve Albini, received pretty much critical acclaim across the board, though the substantial fan base never did follow. To wrap up the band’s brief 7 year existence, Too Pure brings what only can be described as a greatest hits collection (which also includes 2 discs of rarities, b-sides and live tracks if you grab the expanded addition). ‘Mcluskyism’ moves somewhat chronologically showcasing the maturing process of the band. Highlights include Whoyouknow, a fuzzed-out garage freak-out with a ridiculously catchy chorus; Undress for Success, the unlikely combination of Bloc Party and Black Eyes; and She Will Only Bring You Happiness, three minutes of morbidly sentimental dry humor with amazing hooks. Mclusky’s aggressive, snarly and no-shit take on Brit-pop is no short of genius, as they completely tear apart the usually sappy genre and instead let their instinctual piss-off-if-you-don’t-like-it attitude take over. Cult status is inevitable and warranted. Mpardaiolo

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