Artist: The Futureheads

Date Released: January 4, 2005

Label: WEA International/679 Recordings

Produced By:



The Futureheads, a wonderfully catchy Sunderland band connecting the dots between post-punk, new wave and pop rock, released a number singles to follow up their much acclaimed self-titled debut. This one continas an acoustic version and alternative take of the addictive Meantime and two live tracks of other songs from the album. The acoustic version may be even catchier than the original, plus it is amazing to see how simple the song really is yet so damn good. The alternate version takes a more electronic angle at the song, midway through exploding into a droning, echoing freak-out. The live version of Le Garage is raucous and energetic, which somehow blossoms out of the harmonized chorus of do, do, do. He Knows follows suit, peaking into a hand-clapping, chorus chanting party. Franz Ferdinand may have gotten annoying, but impress all your friends with this even better band (and of course Bloc Party). This is a pleasant reward for the high sales of their debut. Mpardaiolo

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