Artist: Medications

Date Released: 2004

Label: Dischord

Produced By:


  1. Safe and Sorry
  2. Exercise Your Futility
  3. Domestic Animals
  4. Reconcile Awake
  5. The Perfect Target


There are a number of things that a new band can do to earn respect very quickly. Number one, and most importantly, get your debut EP released by Dischord… respect gaining. Number two, have every member of your band play percussion (see inside booklet)… respect gaining. Number three, create a sound that is sonically larger than you can ever imagine coming from only three members… respect peak reached! I actually probably could have stopped with number one, but I decided to let the gimmick ride. Featuring members of Smart Went Crazy and Faraquet, Medications is a three-piece from DC (where else?) that have perfected the pop rock sound on their very first try. This self titled EP features knotty guitar lines, well sung pop melodies and immensely creative percussion work. A very solid first attempt for the young band, which I only have respect for. Mpardaiolo

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