The Melvins are an American band that formed in 1983.[1] They usually perform as a trio, but in recent years have performed as a four piece with two drummers. Since 1984, singer and guitarist Buzz Osborne (also known as King Buzzo) and drummer Dale Crover have been the band's ongoing members. The band was named after a supervisor at a Thriftway in Montesano, Washington, where Osborne also worked as a clerk. "Melvin" was despised by other employees, and the band's members felt it to be an appropriately ridiculous name.[2]


Current members
Rotating members
with Melvins 1983
  • Mike Dillard – drums, vocals (2008–present; originally in the band from 1983–1984)
with Melvins Lite
  • Trevor Dunn – upright bass, bass, vocals (2011–present; occasional touring bassist between 2005–2009)

Former members

Touring members


Year Title Label
1987 Gluey Porch Treatments Alchemy Records
1989 Ozma Boner Records
1991 Bullhead Boner Records
1992 Lysol Boner Records
1993 Houdini Atlantic Records
1994 Prick Amphetamine Reptile Records
1994 Stoner Witch Atlantic Records
1996 Stag Atlantic Records
1997 Honky Amphetamine Reptile Records
1999 The Maggot Ipecac Recordings
1999 The Bootlicker Ipecac Recordings
2000 The Crybaby Ipecac Recordings
2002 Hostile Ambient Takeover Ipecac Recordings
2004 Pigs of the Roman Empire (w/ Lustmord) Ipecac Recordings
2004 Never Breathe What You Can't See (w/ Jello Biafra) Alternative Tentacles
2006 (A) Senile Animal Ipecac Recordings
2008 Nude with Boots Ipecac Recordings
2010 The Bride Screamed Murder Ipecac Recordings
2012 Freak Puke (Melvins Lite) Ipecac Recordings
2013 Everybody Loves Sausages Ipecac Recordings
2013 Tres Cabrones (Melvins 1983) Ipecac Recordings
2014 Hold It In Ipecac Recordings
2016 Three Men and a Baby (w/ Mike Kunka) Sub Pop
2016 Basses Loaded Ipecac Recordings


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