Artist: Milosh

Date Released: 2006

Label: Plug Research

Produced By:


  1. It's Over
  2. Falling Away
  3. Couldn't Sleep
  4. You Fill Me
  5. Instrumental
  6. I'm Trying
  7. The City
  8. My Life
  9. This Way
  10. Run Away
  11. Playing with Yen


Milosh’s 2004 affair, You Make Me Feel, was one of my pet albums for a good 6 months, gently pushing it on anyone into singer/songwriter, delicate electronica or into any kind of mellow music at all. I used it so much as a make-out album during that period, that on every listen, it always conjures strong feelings for my then girlfriend. The problem with it though, was while it had a few very strong songs, they were strewn between forgettable segues and sparse instrumental nonsense. For his latest outing on Plug Research, Meme, Milosh concocts 11 strong songs with absolutely no fillers. An extremely delicate album featuring more than Milosh’s almost R&B, whispery voice teamed with gentle micro-electronica and layered keyboards, Meme is the perfect progression for one-man show. The songs build in layers, never sitting still, but never overpowering, constantly soundtracking a slew of emotions, all of which fall on the love/longing side of the spectrum. Not meant for being the center of attention, Meme is beautiful background music for the tail end of a party, a contemplative night alone and of course, a sloppy, sensual session of making-out. Mpardaiolo

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