Scan - Mercedes-Benz Mixed Tape - Mixed Tape 11 (Front Cover)

Artist: Various Artists

Date Released: February 28, 2006 (2/28/06)

Label: Mercedes-Benz

Produced By: Mercedes-Benz


  1. //download//Tosca... "Heidi Bruhl"
  2. //download//Christina Branner-Jespersen... "Sweetest Remedy"
  3. //download//Berlin-Bahia... "Bliss"
  4. //download//nRt... "Tight (Like Dreadlocks)"
  5. //download//Misha... "Scars"
  6. //download//Ed Eustace featuring Stee Downes... "Disciples"
  7. //download//Opolopo featuring Anna Sise... "Too Small (Skint Mix)"
  8. //download//Loretta Heywood... "Oh Angel (Jung Collective Rehash)"
  9. //download//Dusty... "Revolver Theme"
  10. //download//Ika Audio... "Dessert Song"
  11. //download//Steady Diggin Workshop... "Our Road (Dr. Rubberfunk Remix)
  12. //download//Lost Idol... "Buckled"
  13. //download//Ed Laliq... "Beautiful Day"
  14. //download//Kani... "Poetic Licence"
  15. //download//Small Color... "I Miss"


Mercedes-Benz Mixed Tape 11 is a mixtape that is given out free by Mercedes-Benz, on their official website. The music is classified "driving music" that is made for listening to while you are driving in your car.

Copyright InformationEdit

Mixed Tape from DaimierChrysler AG, pieces of music protected by copyright, free for private use and dissemination.

  • Note: "Dissenimation" means to distribute, in this case, free of charge. So anyone is free to make copies of this CD, print out the CD Cover/Insert and hand out copies, or distribute it through the internet, or by any other means that does not include profit.

Further readingEdit

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