Artist: The Young Fresh Fellows

Date Released: Christmas Season, 1984

Label: PopLlama

Produced By: Conrad Uno


  1. Down By The Pharmacy (Xmas version)
  2. I'm Not Trying To Hurt You
  3. Filet Of Soul
  4. Someone I Care About
  5. This Little Mystery
  6. Sharing Patrol Theme
  7. If I Had A Hammer
  8. Topsy Turvy Theme
  9. I Wish I Was Your Mother
  10. Sometimes Good Guys Don't Wear White / Young Fresh Fellows Theme / You Call That Lonely? / Teenage Dogs In Trouble
  11. Merry Christmas, Mr. Gulp Gulp


This is the Fellows' attempt at one of those Beatles fan-club Christmas records. This was given away free in 1984, right after Fabsounds came out, and it's a hilarious and great goof—it sounds like it was recorded mostly Live in Studio. The Xmas Version of "Down By The Pharmacy" has completely changed and vaguely Christmasy (but more funny) lyrics, and there're loads of covers, as well as a live medley of a bunch of YFF songs. It all ends with the almost-titular track, "Merry Christmas, Mr. Gulp Gulp", a brand-new Christmas Song due to be a holiday favorite amongst everyone. This release is really rare (I mean, geez, it's a 20+ year old free cassette-only release!), but you can find bootlegs if you look. It's definitely worth checking out, though, but maybe not as your first Young Fresh Fellows record. But it is still pretty wicked awesome. - Rev. Syung Myung Me