Artist: Porcupine Tree

Date Released: December, 1998

Label: Delerium

Produced By: Steven Wilson


  1. Mesmer I (8:33)
  2. Mesmer II (6:03)
  3. Mesmer III/Coma Divine (13:18)
  4. Door To The River (4:25)
  5. Metanoia I/Intermediate Jesus (14:32)
  6. Insignificance (4:55)
  7. Metanoia II (11:03)
  8. Milan (2:25)


Metanoia is essentially improvised material which was recorded during the creation of the Signify album. This re-release and the previous CD edition also contain two additional tracks taken from the same source which were previously included on the now rare and deleted Insignificance cassette. It is important for me to emphasize that this album is not merely scraps, leftovers and rejects from the Signify album but instead more 'art rock' and 'jazz influenced' material which didn’t fit into the whole Signify concept.

This 2006 reissue comes courtesy of the Delerium records label and is housed in a digipack, which despite having two gatefolds sadly lacks a booklet, a necessity which the previous CD version had.

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