Artist: The Go Find

Date Released: September 21, 2004

Label: Morr Music

Produced By:


  1. Over the Edge
  2. Summer Guest
  3. City Dreamer
  4. What I Want
  5. Sky Window
  6. Bleeding Heart
  7. Modern Times
  8. The Party
  9. Igloo
  10. Blisters on My Thumb


The recent tidal wave of electropop singer/songwriters, brought on by the eruption of The Postal Service volcano, has produced it's share of players and pretenders. The fine people in charge of the German label, Morr Music, are certainly not complaining about the genre's popularity though, especially since they were ahead of the curve and have had an established roster that's been perfecting electropop for 6 years now. The Go Find, Belgium's Dieter Sermeus, is the most recent addition, and to say that he meets the Morr Music requirements is an understatement. The 28-year-old creates intricate and mellow though danceable tunes with the help of his guitar and every solo muscian's best friend, an iBook. A former member of The Orange Black and contemporary of his good friend and collaborator, the like-minded Styrofoam (also on Morr Music), Sermeus's lyrics are a bit more optimistic than most of the electropop crooners, in fact some of them are very sexy with a splash of dirty. He is more apt to make you smile than yearn. The electronics are also very good, with more of a concentration on natural sounding drum beats and instrumentation, instead of just blips and bleeps. The extensive layering and multi-tracked vocals also keep the album interesting and capable of repeated listens. An overall solid and intimate album that establishes The Go Find as a player, and I am sure any fans of, whom else, The Postal Service, and this recent movement in electropop and indie-rock will enjoy. Mpardaiolo

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