Miccoli is a British, adult alternative/indie pop band formed in 2006 from Birmingham, England. The group consists of siblings: twin brothers Adriano Miccoli (vocal and acoustic/electric guitar) Alessandro Miccoli (piano, vocal, acoustic guitar and clarinet) and sister Francesca Miccoli (vocal, piano and harmonica).

The bands latest music video for the song "Idle Stranger" was shown on VH1 and Bliss TV in the UK. [1] The track has also received radio play on BBC Radio 6's Introducing. [2]

History Edit

2006-2009 "writing on rooves" Edit

Miccoli's debut album "writing on rooves" was written, produced and recorded by Miccoli it featured 10 tracks. The official video for the song "Fallout", the first single from the album, was shot at the National Indoor Arena in Birmingham and featured Miccoli fans. [3]

Miccoli performed songs from their debut album at the O2 Wireless Festival [4] in 2006 and again the following year to a packed out crowd at the Glee club in Birmingham. [5]

2012-2013 "Idle Stranger Video" Edit

The band's latest music video for the song "Idle Stranger" was featured on VH1 and Bliss TV[6] in the UK, it was filmed in different locations around the island of Penang Malaysia. Currently the video is in the running for the best video of the year award on the new social media website Citizen TV. The annual prize will be awarded on November 14th 2014.

Sponsorship and Endorsements Edit

2008 West Coast Tour Edit

Miccoli toured the West Coast of America in 2008, which saw the band performing at venues such the Viper Room.[7] [8] During their tour the band received radio play in over 30 US states.

2011-2013 Clarion Sponsorship Edit

As part of a sponsorship deal with Clarion Malaysia Miccoli promoted the company's latest in car audio equipment. The band also had songs from their debut album feature on Clarion's Music For Life campaign.

Miccoli also filmed a variety of instruction manual videos[9] for the in car audio equipment and performed at the launch events across Asia.

2012 Prodigum Mobile Edit

The Miccoli brand was used to help launch and promote the first digital download platform in South East Asia. The band performed at various events throughout Malaysia for the company. [10]

Awards Edit

Year Recipient Award Result
2013 Idle Stranger Video Monthly Top Talent June Citizen TV 1st
2013 Idle Stranger Video Top Talent Week 22-26 June Citizen TV 1st
2013 Idle Stranger Video Best Of Music Category July Citizen TV 2nd
2014 Can You Hear Me Video Top Talent Week 35-39 September Citizen TV 2nd
2014 Magnify Video Top Talent Week 22 June Citizen TV 1st

Charitable WorksEdit

British Heart Foundation Tour 2010-211 Edit

In support of the BHF Miccoli toured and performed at over 30 shopping centres up and down the UK raising money and awareness for the charity.[11] [12] Their main aim being to raise awareness for generic heart conditions in the young.[13] Miccoli also recorded and released a special edition of the song "Angels & Demons" for the BHF with all proceeds going to the charity. The track received radio play on BBC RADIO 2's "Good Morning Sunday" show. [14]

CRY Booklet Launch Parliament Edit

In support of Cardiac Risk in the Young (CRY) annual raising awareness week [23 Nov -1 Dec 2013]. Alessandro helped launch a new resource for young people suddenly diagnosed with a life-threatening heart condition. This new booklet was launched at a prestigious event held at the House Of Commons.[15]

Personal Edit

Genetic Heart Defect Edit

In 2009 Alessandro Miccoli collapsed after a performance and was rushed into hospital with a heart rate of 250 bpm, medical staff used a defibrillator to bring his heart rate down. He was later diagnosed with a genetic heart condition known Wolff-Parkinson-White Syndrome (WPW). He has since had 4 ablation procedures to correct the faulty electrical pathways.[16]

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