Michael Schuler is a misspelling of Michael Shuler. He is a Seattle singer-songwriter, producer, and lead guitarist, who contributed to this compilation disk released by Bands We Like. His solo disk, "Montgomery Road," was released on Bravefeet the year before "Buffalo Nickel." He produced the Carolyn Wennblom/John Ramberg track, "You're So Good To Me"--a great mid-sixties Brian Wilson song, on "Buffalo Nickel" also. In 1996 , right before this record came out, he produced Gary Heffern's "Painful Days" and Carolyn Wennblom's "Bees To The Honey," both released on Glitterhouse Records. He migrated from LA to Seattle in 1992, where he was a founding member and songwriter for Lt. Elmo and Radio Bandits.

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