Michel Polnareff (Nérac (Lot-et-Garonne), 3 July 1944) is a French singer and songwriter of Jewish origin who mainly was popular in the 1960s . His first single, La Poupée qui fait non from 1966, was his biggest hit and was covered several times, including by Mylène Farmer and Khaled in 1996. It was Jimmy Page, guitarist of The Yardbirds andLed Zeppelin, who later played guitar on the song.

Polnareff was born into an art-loving family. His mother, Simone Lane, was a dancer and his father, Leib Polnareff (or Léo Poll), once worked together with Edith Piaf. Michel learned to play piano and guitar before he became a professional musician. Until the beginning of the 1980s he had great popularity in France. He was known for his striking appearance, always with a sunglasses and extravagant, fashionable show costumes. In the field of style were the performances by Polnareff compare to those of David Bowie.


  • In the Belgian-French Stage film from 2004, which revolves around a contest for lookalikes from well known artists, is the character Couscous ' the best Michel Polnareff-imitator of his generation ' mentioned.

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