Michael Geoffrey Jones (Brixton26 June 1955), better known as Mick Jones, is an English guitarist and singer, best known for his work with The Clash. He should not be confused with the other guitarist and vocalist Mick Jones, who was with Foreigner.


[hide]*1 The Clash

The Clash[Edit]Edit

Jones was born in BrixtonLondonEngland , the son of a father from Wales and a Jewish-Russian mother. Before he was The Clash medeoprichtte Jones member of the proto-punk band London SS , which only a demo recordings and never have occurred.

After London SS broke up, tried to establish several new straps Jones with his friend Tony James but without much success. Along with Paul Simonon started a band, found in a lead singer Joe Strummer and Keith Levene in a guitarist. Terry Chimes was approached as a drummer (later replaced by Topper Headon) and the band gradually became known as "The Clash".

Jones played lead guitar, sang and was the co-author of the band's songs with Strummer, until Strummer and Simonon in 1983 put him out of the band. Jones played on 5 out of 6 albums.

Big Audio Dynamite[Edit]Edit

After its exclusion at The Clash formed Big Audio Dynamitein 1984, Jones (often abbreviated to BATH), along with Director Don Letts. The band's debut album came out in 1985 and the number E = MC2 became popular in dance clubs. Several albums followed with BATH. Jones worked together again on the second album with Strummer. During the recordings of the third album got pneumonia and Jones became very sick.After his recovery took Jones one more album with Big Audio Dynamite before the occupation of the band to change and continue the name Big Audio Dynamite II. The band with the new composition was relatively successful in the US. The band was in the middle of the 1990s again renamed Big Audio.

Recent projects[Edit]Edit

Since 2005, Jones along with former London SS and Generation XMember Tony James in a new band, Carbon/Silicon. The band has toured England and performed at several benefit concerts anti fascism . There were also three album recorded, but not yet published are. The band encourages her fans to share their music via P2P networks. They are also fans to picture and sound recordings of performances. Their first song, "MPFree" is an anthem for P2P filesharing.

Jones played guitar on the title track of the third Studio album by Damon Albarn's virtual band GorillazPlastic Beach. He plays in the live band of the Gorillaz in the 2010-2011 tour.

Jones is also called on as a music producer, including the albums by The Libertines. He also produced Down In Albion, the debut album of Pete Doherty's band Babyshambles. Doherty is the former frontman of The Libertines.

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