Mickey Rooney (real name Joseph Yule, Jr.) (BrooklynNew York23 september 1920 – Los Angelesapril 6, 2014[1]) was an American actor and Director.


[hide]*1 Biography


Rooney was born Joseph Yule Jr. his father (Joe Yule SR.) was Scottish and his mother (Nell Carter) was born in the South of the United States. Later, however, he would regularly be labeled as Irish American, by his adopted stage name.

Because he was born into a vaudevillefamily, Rooney began already in 1922 to the age of two "performing" (singing, telling jokes, dancing). When Rooney was three years old, his parents divorced, and he moved with his mother to Missouri. In 1924 Rooneys decided he would be perfect for a mother that role in the Our Gang series (better known as The Little Rascals). When she arrived in California , however, where the recordings of this series were made, however, proved the merits for the players so low, that they decided to return to Missouri without spending a dime. Two years later, in 1926, began a film career really, when he eventually Rooneys dwarf starred in the film Not to Be Trusted.

Beginning of the career[Edit]Edit

Rooney took his first stage name to In 1927. He called Mickey McGuire, now to a comic strip figure of which around that time the first movies were produced. The draughtsman of the strip went here not agree, and in 1932 Rooney decided to change its name to Mickey Rooney . Some years later would again arise a connection between Rooney and the cartoon character; Rooney played from 1936 with it in the series of silent films out there about the figurines were made.

In those early days of Rooneys he met Walt Disneycareer, and Rooney later claimed that Walt Disney Mickey Mouse to called him. Rooney also claimed that he later Norma Jean Baker has given the stage nameMarilyn Monroe . In 1934 he was noticed by MGM producer David o. Selznick and after a roll of film in Manhattan melodrama Louis b. Mayer was impressed by Rooney. Mayer offered a long-term contract to Rooney and Rooney was signed to MGM. He followed education at the School for Professional Children.

Rooneys successful rendition of Andy Hardy in A Family Affair (1937) led to 14 more movies with the same character during (1938-1958).

The Rooney's first starring role in a movie was the role of Shockey Carter in Hoosier Schoolboy (1937) the film with the actor Edward Pawley who appeared in his movie father. His breakthrough, however, came with the role of Whitey Marsh in Boys Town (1938). His opponent was Spencer Tracy. The premiere was shortly before his 18th birthday. His fame reached a peak during the Second World War. This happened with a series of successful musicals next to Judy Garland, whom he in the period 1938-1948 would make a total of ten films, beginning with Love Finds Andy Hardy and ending with Words and Music. In addition, he played in the for a Oscar nominated Babes in Arms, and he had serious roles in The Human Comedy (1943), National Velvet with Elizabeth Taylor (1944), and A Midsummer night's Dream (1935) which contributed to his fame. Rooney got In 1939 , along with actress Deanna Durbin, a special Oscar for his significant contribution to the portraying the spirit and personification of youth on the screen.

Military service[Edit]Edit

Rooney was initially rejected by a heart ailment for active military service, until he was adopted in 1944 and sent to Europe. For the duration of 21 months, he worked as a radio personality on the American Forces Network. This interruption of his acting work broke it at the end of the war some time on: his career was temporarily in a weak period. He appeared in a number of films including Words and Music (1948). That was for him the last time he worked in a movie together with Garland (later he did a guest appearance on her variety series in the 1960s).

Own series[Edit]Edit

Rooney got In the 1950s on NBC a own television program, The Mickey Rooney Show, also known as Hey Mulligan. The series counted a total of 39 episodes (1954-1955). The show was short-lived, as it is not on could against the success of The Jackie Gleason Show, which was on a different transmitter programmed around the same time as The Mickey Rooney Show.

Mickey Rooney actor, Director[Edit]Edit

Rooney In 1960 directed and acted in an ambitious comedy The private Lives of Adam and Eve, knew that multiple flashbacks and cameos . In this year also sped down Rooney his old passion for the theatre. He accepted apart film roles, albeit in better known films, such as The Black Stallion (1979).


In the years 1940 Rooney founded his own production house on, but that was a financial disaster, and he had to file for bankruptcy. To repay his debts he was obliged to play a number of roles of low quality. In the years 1950 , however, he found himself in adult character roles. Rooney continued working in both film and theater, and in performances in several clubs. He made his debut on Broadway in 1979.

Private acting school[Edit]Edit

On 31 december 1961 Rooney founded a private acting school, the Mickey Rooney School of Entertainment, where he hoped to be able to train young artists to good artists.

Rooney the comedian[Edit]Edit

In January 2005 , during a break in the Super Bowl XXXIX a commercial rotated where Rooney had to worked with indecent, with the title, in which the back of a naked to see Rooney briefly on the bare chest of persiflage is, if Janet Jackson that came with an earlier Super Bowl across America caused a riot.

Active into old age[Edit]Edit

Rooney worked into old age still in movies and he toured the United States with his wife Jan Chamberlin in a multimedia production Life- Let's Put On a Show. He said it had at his age still have fun in his career.Numerous times he stated in interviews: "I've loved it, I've loved every minute of it!" [source?]. Rooney lived with his wife in the Conejo Valley in southernCalifornia.

Voice Actor[Edit]Edit

Rooney spoke three Christmas cartoons glorifying in, where he played the role of Santa Claus.

In 1981 he played The Fox and the Hound in the voice of adult Todd. In 1985 he played Mr. Cherrywood in the animated film The Care Bears Movie. He played himself in The Simpsons in the episode Radio Active man (1995), and in 1998 did the voice of Fugly Floom in Babe: Pig in the City.


Rooney died on april 6, 2014 at the age of 93 at his home in Los Angeles. He was on 20 april 2014 buried at Hollywood Forever Cemetery. The elderly actor had his 8th ex-wife Janice Chamberlain, her son Chris Aber and eight of his nine children at the last minute from his will deleted. [1]


Rooney has been married eight times. He had nine children and a stepson. In addition to his ten children he also had nineteen grandchildren and numerous great-grandchildren.

  • Ava Gardner (1942-1943)
  • Betty Jane Rase/lips/Phil Baker (1944-1949)
    • Mickey Rooney, Jr. (1945)
    • Tim Rooney (1947-2006)
  • Martha Vickers (1949-1951)
    • Theodore Michael Rooney (1950)
  • Elaine Davis/Dean/Mahnken (1952-1958)
  • Barbara Ann Thomason (stage name Carolyn Mitchell) (1958-1966) (assassinated)
    • Kelly Ann Rooney (1959)
    • Kerry Rooney (1960)
    • Michael Joseph Rooney (1962)
    • Kimmy Sue Rooney (1963)
  • Marge Lane (1967-1967) separated after 100 days
  • Carolyn Hockett (1969-1974)
    • Jimmy Rooney (born 1966, adopted son from previous marriage of Hockett)
    • Ian Rooney (1970)
  • Jan Chamberlain (1978-2014)

Prizes and awards[Edit]Edit

Rooney had more than 200 films to his credit. [2] he won among other things:

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