Middagh Goodwin was born to Frank Dave Goodwin and Joy Grace Stout on December 12th 1966 in Orange County California at St Joseph's Hospital. He attended Artesia and Downey High School graduating from Downey High in 1985. Goodwin went to MJC for 2 years taking classes in International Releations and Arms Negotiations and took broadcasting classes at Stanislaus State. Goodwin has been promoting and playing music for over 25 years in Northern California(Modesto-Stockton)under various production identities, St Christopher Productions, Poison Free Productions and settling on Beat Happy! Music. Beat Happy! Music is Goodwin's label/promotion company releasing 2 7" EP's(On Safari Vol I and II, Mashin' Potatoes(a tribute to Devo)and Dr Rocket and the Moonpatrols debut.) Keep an eye out for releases by The Lobstrosities and The Gallows(both bands managed by Middagh Goodwin.)

Middagh Goodwin announced his candidacy for President in 2001 when he turned 35. In 2003 Goodwin took things too the next level traveling from coast to coast driving the Plea for Peace van on the '03 Warped Tour. Posters were found on porta-toilets from sea to shining sea. No Promises Just Love has become a well known phrase with the youth culture and many of today's biggest Punk/Ska/Indie bands. Middagh Goodwin has continued his campaign for the White House currently making his bid for 2008. Goodwin wants to get as many people registered, educated and out to Vote. Mr Goodwin will make one more attempt at the White House running in the 2012 Election. Middagh Goodwin(who has been bringing the noise for nearly 18 years with his band NOVACAIN) got the chance of lifetime to perform with the Violent Femmes. Playing 2 solos on his slinky-maphone(Waiting on the Bus and Black Girls.) Goodwin also played some dates with Street Drum Corp on the 2005/2006 Warped Tour. In 2008 Mike Park(Asian Man Records) and Middagh Goodwin opened up the Plea for Peace Center in downtown Stockton CA. It was an award winning Music and Arts Community based on the Gilman Street Project. Over a 5 year span thousands of bands local and international graced it's halls, some notable names Alkaline Trio, Against Me!, The Ataris, Big D and the Kids Table, Peelander Z, Mad Sin and so many more. Currently Mr Goodwin is the Marking, Promotions and Booking Agent for The Brewhouse at Hero's in Modesto CA.  For more info check out [1]

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