Artist: Camper Van Beethoven

Album: New Roman Times

Appears On (Mixes): Do You Want a Happy God, or a Vengeful God?

Song Notes: When David Lowery and Johnny Hickman performed this song at a concert in March 2005, David introduced it by saying it was "about a dangerous notion," or something along those lines. So many people throughout history have used the idea of God's support to justify all kinds of horrific actions, even when they allegedly belong to a religion based on love. Unfortunately, this mentality is still going strong today. This song in particular is from CVB's New Roman Times album, where all the songs loosely tie into the theme of an alternate America where there are separate United and Confederate States, and Texas and California are independent nations. A man goes to war as part of the Texas military, but eventually ends up changing his mind joining the resistance. This particular bit of the story happens when the soldier starts to question the war in which he is fighting.-VoVat


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