Missing Musicial Genius
EP by Sneezy Slik
Released Canceled
Recorded October 2008-TBA 2009
Genre Lyrical, Alternative
Length 17:59
Label N/A
Producer Shelton Peniston
Sneezy Slik chronology
Musicial Genius In My Darkest Dreams
Missing Musicial Genius was the name of the EP by lyrical rapper Sneezy Slik. It was ultimately canceled, the only song surviving was Preacher. The album cover will be used again in a Segregated or Sneezy Slik project.


This album was supposed to be a direct follow-up to Musicial Genius but due to In My Darkest Dreams being to significant and lack of satisfaction of Musicial Genius, Shelton canceled the album.


  1. Preacher Feat.Problem & Iris
  2. Too Human
  3. Summer Flings
  4. Summer Flings Remix Feat.Abe, Chris Burch, Problem, Bigg T, Kapital K

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