Mission of Burma is a post-punk band from Boston , United States , established in 1979. The first recordings were released on the label Ace of Hearts Records from Boston. Despite the initial success of the group she has only short-lived, because guitarist Roger Miller suffered from tinnitus due to the loud volume of the group. The songs were mostly written by Roger Miller and Clint Conley, each wielded its own style. The numbers of Miller are often unorthodox, while the numbers of Conley are much more accessible. Some songs are later retread among others by Moby and REM .

Particularly to the band is the degree of collaboration with sound engineer Martin Swope. This edited live sound of the band through tape recorders. This role was taken over by sound during reconfiguration in 2002 , Bob Weston , also bassist for the band Shellac .

Discography edit ]Edit

  • Signals, Calls, and Marches (1981)
  • Vs. (Mission of Burma album) (1982)
  • ONoffON (2004)
  • The Obliterati (2006)
  • The Sound the Speed ​​the Light (2009)
  • Unsound (2012)

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