Mississippi John Hurt (Teoc (Mississippi), 8 March 1892[1Grenada (Mississippi), november 2, 1966) was an American blues guitarist/singer with a very specialsyncopated guitar style. His style is described as Country Blues or Delta Blues.

John Hurts mother had, when he was nine, bought a guitar. John has taught himself to play there and the village lay far away that there is no such itinerant guitarists stopped by to say hello. His style was so completely different than usual and he played without plectrum. The music sounds like John Hurt plays two guitars at the same time, in which he combines rhythm and melody. He played mainly on local events near Avalon, Mississippi.

In 1928 he was noticed by Tommy Rockwell, Director of OKeh, and there was a plate. Later, he was invited to come to New York City for a second session. He got $ 240 for the recordings and then returned to the delta, where he worked as a farm hand. The plate had hardly known to the 60 years when many musicians were looking for new musical forms.

His music was rediscovered In 1963 by Tom Hoskins and he went looking for John Hurt, which still turned out to live in Mississippi. He played several times on big music festivals, even had a performance on the Tonight Show and there were many articles written about him and his characteristic style of guitar playing. Towards the end of his life he recorded three more albums. Mississippi John Hurt In 1988 was included in the Blues Hall of Fame.

Well-known songs are Candy ManFrankie and Stack O ' Lee.

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