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Mister Miau
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Genre(s) Electronic dance music: progressive house, electro house, big room, house, deep house, future house, etc.
Country of origin United States
Location New Jersey, NY
Stuttgart (Germany)
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Mister Miau is a New Jersey and Stuttgart (Germany) based record label started in 2014. They release various electronic music, some pop music, and some compilation albums.[1] Many of their artists and releases are licensed from Europe or Canada to be re-released to the American market. Mister Miau sells their releases via: their company website, all major music retailers, and all major music download sites. All of their releases can be sampled through the website.

Mister Miau is currently working under Sony Music, has official remixes out with Tiësto, Ayah Marar (featured on Calvin Harris' "Thinking About You"), Universal Music Group[2] and Warner Music Group / Atlantic Records.[3][4] Mister Miau has also worked on projects with Afrojack, Tchami, Bakermat and Yellow Claw.

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