Mistinguettstage name of Jeanne Bourgeois (Enghien-les-Bainsapril 5, 1875 – January 5, Bougival1956) was a French actress and singer from Enghien-les-Bains in the Val-d'Oise Department in Île-de-France (region).


Jeanne at a very young age had aspirations to be on artist . The pseudonym Mistinguett, under which they would be world famous, was a corruption of the name devised by a song-writing knowledge Miss Tain. Jeanne found that sound nice, but the notation applied to them with their own hands. They deleted both of Miss if Tain 's the last letter and then wrote what was left from now on as one word: Mistinguett.

Jeanne Bourgeois made her debut as Mistinguett in 1895 in the "Casino de Paris". She with her risque Paris public in her spell and in the following years grew them out to the most popular French artist, and in addition to the best paid artist in the world. In 1919 her legs were insured for the incredible amount of 500,000 in those days frank.

She maintained a long relationship with the much younger Maurice Chevalier, but it was above all her other passionate love affairs with an Indian Prince, with KingAlfonso XIII of Spain and with the future King Edward VII of England leading to true legend would grow.

The first recording of the song Mon Homme, that her name as a singer around the world would settle, dates from 1920. The same song was already in the Englishversion of Fanny Brice became known as My Man and it would also apply as default still for a long time afterwards in the repertoire of many a pop-and jazz-singer.

Jeanne Bourgeois's career extended over a period of more than half a century, and embracing both world wars. In 1956, at her death, she was 80 years old. She was buried in the Cimetiere Enghien-les-Bains, a stone's throw from the place where she was born in 1875 .


  • Carosello del Varietà (1955)
  • Rigolboche (1936)
  • L ' île d'Amour (1928)
  • Mistinguett Détective II (1917)
  • Mistinguett Détective (1917)
  • Fleur de Paris (1916)
  • Sous la Menace (1916)
  • Chignon d'Or (1916)
  • La Doppia Ferita (1915)
  • La Valse Renversante (1914)
  • Les Misérables-Époque 4: Cosette et Marius (1913)
  • Les Misérables-Époque 3: Cosette (1913)
  • Les Misérables-Époque 2: Fantine (1913)
  • Les Misérables-Époque 1: Jean Valjean (1913)
  • La Glu (1913)
  • Une Bougie Récalcitrante (1912)
  • Le Parapluie (1912)
  • La Vocation the Lolo (1912)
  • À Bas les Hommes (1912)
  • Bal Costumé (1912)
  • Le Coup de Foudre (1912)
  • La Folle de Penmarch (1912)
  • La Moche (1912)
  • L'Oubliée (1912)
  • Un Enfant Terrible (1912)
  • Le Clown et Le Pacha (1911)
  • L'Épouvante (1911)
  • La Ruse de Miss Plumcake (1911)
  • Les Timidités de Rigadin (1910)
  • Ce Bon Docteur (1909)
  • L ' enlèvement de Mademoiselle Biffin (1909)
  • Un Mari qui l'Échappe Belle (1909)
  • La Fiancée Récalcitrante (1909)
  • Fleur de Pavé (1909)
  • L'Empreinte ou La Main Rouge (1908)

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