From Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaModular Records is an Australian record label. It was established by Sydney-based music promoter Steve Pavlovic as a joint-venture with EMI, but is now distributed (and half-owned) by Universal Music in Australia. Modular has released recordings by local artists such as Eskimo Joe, Ben Lee, The Avalanches, Wolfmother, Cut Copy, The Bumblebeez, Van She, Rocket Science, Ghostwood, The Presets and Tame Impala, as well as local releases of international artists including Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Chromeo, Colder, Klaxons (The EP Xan Valleys), Ladyhawke, New Young Pony Club, MSTRKRFT, and Softlightes.


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Founded in 1998 by Sydney concert promoter Steve Pavlovic.[1] The label came to prominence in late 1998 with its first two releases, The Living End's eponymous debut album and Ben Lee's Breathing Tornados.[1] Both albums were "roaring successes",[1] The Living End became the second (at the time) highest-selling debut rock album in Australian music history; Breathing Tornados was nominated for the "Album of the Year" ARIA Award. The label's next release the Avalanches's Since I Left You (2000) was a huge critical success,[2] earning the group nine ARIA Award nominations.

In 2004, with the emergence of new acts Cut Copy, The Presets and The Bumblebeez and the development of regular Modular parties and tours the label began to grow and Modular came to prominence in the Australian scene. In 2004 an office was established in New York, followed by a London office in 2005. Van She, a new wave electropop four piece from Sydney were signed in August 2005.[1] Mid 2006 modular signed London’s New Young Pony Club. An office in Los Angeles followed in 2007, along with the signing of new acts including Ghostwood, Plug-In City and The Whitest Boy Alive.

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