Artist: Thee More Shallows

Date Released: May 9, 2006

Label: Turn

Produced By:


  1. Monkey vs Shark
  2. Int 3
  3. Phineas Bogg
  4. Dutch Slaver
  5. I Can't Get Next to You
  6. Freshman Remix by Odd Nosdam with Why?
  7. Deadbeat Water


San Francisco’s Thee More Shallows are a band on the rise. Three years in the making, their last full length, More Deep Cuts (Turn Records), gained critical acclaim and is still gaining momentum. This EP was recorded in much less time, but the perfectionist character remains, highlighting Dee Kesler’s songwriting and the trio’s brooding indie-rock. Thee More Shallows create dark, serene rock echoing back to My Bloody Valentine and the Velvet Underground but also still contains the youthful ambition of a band on the up-and-up. The highlight of the EP is their stark, unpredictable cover of Al Green’s (originally performed by The Temptations) I Can’t Get Next to You. Gone is the soulful yearning and in it’s place a spooky, eerie almost stalkerish tale of obsession. It’s definitely one of the best cover songs I have come across in a long time, and makes the entire EP relevant if only for that one song. The other 6 songs don’t let down though, coupling the epic indie-rock with chamber and post-rock and just a touch of goth and electronica and also features a remix by Anticon’s Odd Nosdam with Why? This is definitely a band to keep a watchful eye on. Mpardaiolo

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