Label: Morr Music

Produced By:


  1. B. Fleischmann - 02/00
  2. Duo505 - Nochwas
  3. Duo505 - Facing It (live)
  4. The Go Find - Sky Window
  5. The Go Find - Over the Edge (Late Night Remix)
  6. Lali Puna - 6-0-3
  7. Lali Puna - Don't Think
  8. Lali Puna - Grin and Bear
  9. Styrofoam - Psychic Friends Network
  10. Styrofoam - If You Tell the Truth I Will Kill You
  11. Styrofoam - A Heart Without a Mind
  12. Styrofoam - Ticket Out of Town

I know you have seen the truckloads of singer/songwriter/electronica albums that have been on the market lately; and I also know that most of you dig the hell out of the genre. I am not sure if you noticed, but most of these recent albums have been coming from a German label called Morr Music. Formed in 1999, the label quickly established itself as on of the key sources for this particular genre with releases from artists like B. Fleischmann and Lali Puna. The usual Morr Music sound lies somewhere between bedroom electronica and singer/songwriter, and it’s coated with healthy doses of glitch, indie-pop and techno. The end result is, in its simplest form, emotional electronica. Here are samples of what’s on this comp:
1. B. Fleischmann - melodic glitch featuring German vocal loops
2-3. Duo505 - more melodic glitch, but backed by instruments like accordion and piano
4-5. The Go Find - re-mixed singer/songwriter backed by looped instruments and beats
6-8. Lali Puna - dark glitch with slightly creepy female vocals
9-12. Styrofoam - folktronica with sparse indie-pop vocals

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