Artist: The Ditty Bops

Date Released: May 23, 2006

Label: Warner Brothers

Produced By: Mitchell Froom & The Ditty Bops


  1. Moon Over The Freeway
  2. Angel With An Attitude
  3. Fall Awake
  4. Aluminum Can
  5. Fish To Fry
  6. In The Meantime
  7. It's A Shame
  8. Waking Up In The City
  9. Growing Upside Down
  10. Get Up 'N' Go
  11. Bye Bye Love
  12. Nosy Neighbor
  13. Your Head's Too Big


This is the brand-new album by The Ditty Bops. It's another outstanding record, though the first might be slightly better. This is closer in sound to the live arrangements, however, which is very good, though. They've got enough material for about 4 more albums without actually having to write anything more, though not writing doesn't seem to be their style, so by the time the third record comes out, they'll probably have about 10 records' worth to choose from. This album is DEFINITELY worth picking up, as is their first—if you don't have that one (why?!), then just pick up both albums when you go to the record store—you won't be sorry. - Rev. Syung Myung Me

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